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Nov 4, 2015

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I’m not sure where to begin when sharing Matt & Meredith’s gorgeous Beaufort, NC wedding last spring.  I think the best place to begin is to talk a bit about our very first consultation.  Meredith and her mother, Anna, met with me to discuss their vision for the wedding and I instantly knew we spoke the same language.  As a mother and daughter, they were really fully embracing the planning experience.  It wasn’t just about a beautiful wedding.  It was about celebrating their connection as a mother and daughter; celebrating the love of a father and daughter; and building a solid foundation as a new husband and wife.  Their vision spoke to celebrating family, past stories, a warm home, and a bright future.  I immediately fell in love with their vision and their hearts.

The wedding was everything they dreamed…  On a beautiful day in May, I arrived to Meredith’s family farm to find a celebratory atmosphere.  The farm has been in the family for generations and all of the family was there to help.  They had carefully chosen details to represent family loyalty and love… a baby gown of Meredith’s, a wedding ring of her grandfather’s, champagne flutes from her parent’s wedding, a family fountain pen, and an antique time watch.  I brought flowers to decorate the old wooden swing that Meredith and her brother had played on as children.

One part of Beaufort I love is how everyone seems to have a connection to each other.  There is a pride in being there for one another; celebrating each other’s joys.  We took family portraits in a friend’s garden.  Mrs. Newton meticulously tends to her garden so that other’s may enjoy it, so I loved seeing her happiness in watching Matt and Meredith.  It was a beautiful start to their wedding day.


{Part Two: Ceremony & Reception tomorrow}

Wedding Information:

Wedding Gown & Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal

Groom’s Attire:  H. Stadiem

Flowers:  Tildy Designs

Invitation & Wedding Stationary: Ply

Ceremony Venue:  Ann Street United Methodist Church

Reception Venue & Catering:  The Boathouse at Front Street Village

Wedding Cake:  Delicate Delights

DJ:  Patrick at Patrick

Hotel:  Inlet Inn

Special Thanks to Erin Costa and Indie Film Labs


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