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Apr 24, 2018

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After booking the wedding day, we send couples a guide for planning their photography.  One option is to add a bridal portrait session to the wedding collection.  It is a very popular option in the south as tradition typically has a large canvas of the bride displayed at the reception and the parents of the bride often display the portrait in their home after the wedding.  There are a lot of reasons to opt for bridal portraits.  Our favorite reason is that it gives one more opportunity for the bride to wear the dress and to feel amazing.  It gets the bride excited for the actual wedding day.  It begins to feel real… There is no better feeling than this….


This reason alone would suffice, but there are some more practical reasons to have a bridal portrait session too.  It allows the bride an opportunity to wear the dress to feel if it is comfortable.  Can you sit in the dress?  Is there boning that hits at a rib?  Does the dress tend to fall down as you walk?  These are all important to know beforehand so the issue can be addressed.  We recommend having the bridal portraits at least 6 weeks before the wedding day to allow the dress boutique to make adjustments with plenty of time. raleigh_nc_wedding_photographer_bridal_portraits_blog_casey_rose_photography_003raleigh_nc_wedding_photographer_bridal_portraits_blog_casey_rose_photography_004raleigh_nc_wedding_photographer_bridal_portraits_blog_casey_rose_photography_005

We also love to photograph all the details! Many brides opt for a smaller version of their floral design so they can get a feel for colors in the bouquet.  They might want to have macro shots of the ring or a favorite pair of heirloom earrings gifted from their mother.  We also love to see the hair and makeup and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to view the style from various angles.  There have been times where a bride sees the portraits and then she decides to tweak her hairstyle or the color of the makeup.  Sometimes she decides her hair accessory is not a good fit or the veil needs to be adjusted. raleigh_nc_wedding_photographer_bridal_portraits_blog_casey_rose_photography_007

Finally, just like the engagement session, the bridal portrait session is one more opportunity for us to get to know you a bit more before the wedding day.  And we love having this time to become friends and anticipate your day! raleigh_nc_wedding_photographer_bridal_portraits_blog_casey_rose_photography_008

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